I (Petra) am a graduate of the Certificate Program at the Center for Nutritional Studies through Cornell University. I love food! I love feeling great! If that appeals to you, you can join me in learning about the full aspect of choosing a whole food, plant-based vegan diet. 

You may have read our story about how we became Plant Based Vegan. I refer to us as "accidental vegans." What has happened since then has been an accumulation of a lot of information and quality studies regarding a plant based lifestyle.

It's not about being vegan, raw or paleo; it's about eating natural FOOD that nourishes. It's about listening to your body.   What are you eating that you think is helping you, but isn't? Where do you spend the bulk of your food dollars?  

In less than 60 days, Mike's cholesterol dropped by 60 points and his recovery times got shorter.

Afraid you'll be hungry? Not a chance! Eat as much as you like of foods that are readily available and easy to prepare.  Afraid yo'll be bored? Nope. There are so many plant foods out there to try, you could never discover them all.

Private classes can be booked on site to learn more about making changes to your lifestyle, supporting changes that you have already begun, or how you can help others in their journey towards a healthier life.

Our joint goal will be to help you become the healthiest version of you.B

cashew mocha chocolate chip cheesecake

raw lasagna with pinenut ricotta

veggie pasta with sundried tomato sauce

Want to lose weight, eat all you want and be the healthiest that you have ever been? learn about the facts that companies don't want you to know. Learn a new way of eating and dispel all the old myths about how and what a healthy diet is. 

Nurtrition is not just about you.  It is you, as well as your impact on others. Imagine... feeling great, looking great, being respectful of animals, and saving the environment! SO MUCH GOODNESS!


feed your soul

Learn about the impact your food choices have on your body; the roll of the medical establishment, government and big business: the welffare of animals and the environment of the planet. TAKE CONTROL o! YOU! Have an IMPACT!