We have to admit, we take food very seriously.  Ingredients are locally sourced throughout the harvest months, and are organic whenever possible. Starting with great, fresh ingredients helps create great fresh food. 

about the food

feed your soul

Taste? We take that seriously, too! Start your day off energized with a yummy breakfast,  good company, and at least a few laughs. Join us at the table when you roll out of bed. Get up early, or sleep in a bit. We'll keep it  on your schedule.

And don't forget the coffee and tea! Our coffee is locally roasted, by request, by Farfetched Coffee Roasters.  It may be the best coffee you have ever had. Our tea selection includes nearly 50 teas for you to choose from any time, day or night.

Petra has a passion for creating meals that are delicious, innovative, and eye-pleasing. Nearly all parts of the meal are home-made on-site. Even the cream for your coffee is made in our kitchen. It quickly becomes evident that there is a true commitment to health - for humans, animals and the environment.