What is an active retreat?

It's more than just a place to sleep. You don't have to be active to stay with us; however, we are excited to be a location that caters to travelers who subscribe to a lifestyle filled with running, biking, hiking, swimming, yoga, x-country skiing, even pickleball...the list goes on! How about a visit to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary?  We identified a void in the lodging community that we wanted to fill.?

We are happy to assist you in figuring it all out based on your activity level and what you enjoy doing. Customized maps, passes, trail maps, and directions are available as well as some opportunities to run with the University cross country team if you are so inclined.

Maybe food is your thing! Custom cooking classes can be arranged on-site as well as Plant-based Whole Food nutritional guidence. Petra has been preparing food for family and crowds for decades - plant based for over a decade - and is a graduate of the plant based nutrition program at Cornell University.

Wineries, distilleries, cider houses your thing? We can assist with that as well.  We offer suggestions, maps, and discounts in the area. All are available within a short walk from the house (based on their available hours of course.)

How many places can offer you treadmills, fluid trainers and bike storage for your bike, run analysis, and swimming lessons? A triathlete's dream destination!

Check Your Swim Technique

Get Outside

Run The Trails

We offer a location that supports a holistic healthy lifestyle, making all these activities, and more, easy to enjoy. We bring like-minded people together. Whether you are an accomplished athlete, a weekend warrior or someone who is new to moving their body, we are here to help. 

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail is 22 miles of soft surface flat trail 1/2 mile east of our home on a cul-de-sac'ed road; the Mohonk Preserve is 400 yds west of us; the Village is a 15 minute trail ride by mountain bike. River kayaking is one mile east, hiking begins at the front door. 

Cook with Us

Pet A Rescued Animal

feed your soul